Total Payout over 2 years $64,000

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When we announced we would go ahead with a 2020 season we didn't know what it would look like, but we promised it would maintain the same high level of professionalism, on all fronts, that the 2019 season offered.  It did not disappoint.  During these difficult times when sponsorship was scarce, our producers stepped up and held high quality events with added money and prizes.  There were 13 in total from British Columbia to Manitoba.  We believe this grassroots qualifying system, held across Canada, is the best way to build the sport.  We are so grateful for the people committed to growing the sport of breakaway roping across Canada.  We couldn't do it without them.  Check out the "Qualifier" Tab to see where events were held and reach out and thank the producers.

One thing we knew for sure, was the level of competition at the finals would be as good as it gets. Top breakaway ropers from across Canada  competed in an exciting elimination style format to become the 2020 Canadian Breakaway Champion. The Top 8 was made up of ropers from BC, AB and MB.  The competition was off the charts!

Thank you to the ropers that go down the road and enter up.  Thank you to the producers who have the commitment to carry on during difficult times.  Thank you to the sponsors that stepped up and supported our event.  And thank you to the family members and volunteers that are behind all of it.  We can't wait to see what 2021 will bring.  Keep on practicing and keep on dreaming.


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2019 Total CFB Payout!