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2024 Approved Qualifiers

March 23
Spring Thaw Timed Event
Ponoka, AB

March 29, April 20
C Diamond Arena Ladies Breakaway
Beaverlodge, AB

April 6
Willingdon Ag Society All Girls Roping
Willingdon, AB

May 7
Royal Crown Canada Open Breakaway
Claresholm, AB

May 17
JP Arena Breakaway Jackpot
Monte Creek, BC

May 17
CASH$ Breakaway Roping
Claresholm, AB

May 24
Rope & Race Breakaway
Brandon, MB

May 26
CGRA Rodeo
Claresholm, AB
Note: You can local enter one CGRA Rodeo without a membership

May 12, June 29, July 13,
Aug 10, Sept 28
L+ Ranch/ JT Arena Breakaway
Vanderhoof, BC

May 22, June 6, June 20, July 4,
July 18, August 12, August 29, September 12
Winfield Ag Society Breakaway Series
Winfield, AB

May 28, June 11, June 25July 9, July 23, August 6
Legal, AB
June 14
Biggar Ag Days
Biggar, SK 

June 15
3 Lazy D Arena Breakaway
Onoway, AB

June 14-16
Couttsgrass Rodeo
Coutts, AB
Note: this is a Chinook Rodeo but you can local enter without a membership

June 22
Magnificent 7 Showdown
Prince George, BC
July 4
Tie Down Canada Classic
High River, AB

July 13
Northern Lights Breakaway
3 Lazy D Arena
Onoway, AB

August 2-4
Herbert Stampede
Herbert, SK
Note: this is a CCA Rodeo but you can local enter one CCA Rodeo without a membership

August 3-5

Writing on Stone Rodeo
Writing on Stone, AB
Note: this is a Chinook Rodeo but you can local enter without a membership
August 9
Calves N Cans
Perdue, SK

August 16, 2024
Oly's Classic Breakaway Roping
Margaret Bear Yellow Eagle Equine Centre, Chacachas Nation

August 18

CGRA Rodeo
Elkwater, AB
Note: You can local enter one CGRA Rodeo without a membership

August 15-18
Event Name Tbd
Prince George, BC

October 12
Last Chance Roping
Claresholm, AB

CFB Finals - October 13 - Claresholm Agriplex

Winfield 3D Breakaway Series.png
Coutts rodeo.jpg
Oly's Breakaway Roping Poster (1).png

CFB Finals - At a Glance

CFB Sidepot at CFB Qualifiers: $150 Entry Fee, Enter 2X

Contestants can earn a max of 2 spots at the finals.

Number of CFB positions awarded at each qualifier depends on the number of entries in the sidepot.

2 Paths to Finals: Open & Challenger Positions

  • Open Positions - For all ropers (pro and amateur) to qualify. Awarded to fastest in the CFB Sidepot.

  • Challenger Positions - For amateur ropers to qualify. Awarded after open positions, to the next fastest amateur roper in the CFB Sidepot.  Full pro card members of CPRA/WPRA cannot earn challenger positions.

CFB Finals: $100 Entry Fee per position (finals entry fee waived if contestant gets a $300 sponsorship-form coming soon), Finals Entry Date TBA 

snip of spots copy.PNG

CFB 2024 Finals

Now accepting applications for 2024 Qualifiers.

Email for application form.

Why become a CFB Qualifier?

Increase entries at your event

No cost to the producer

Give your contestants the opportunity to compete in a prestigious finals event

Increase the credibility of your event

Advertising exposure for your event through CFB (website/social media)

Build the sport of breakaway roping in Canada

CFB Qualifier Info

Canadian Finals Breakaway is a finals event for breakaway ropers. Contestants qualify by competing at CFB Qualifiers across Canada. CFB Finals are held annually at the Claresholm Agriplex.

How the CFB Sidepot works at Qualifiers:

Contestants enter the roping and the CFB Sidepot. CFB Sidepot fee is $150 each and a contestant may enter 2 times. The number of CFB Finals positions awarded depends on the number of entries in the sidepot.
The event producer collects the sidepot entry fees, making note of contestants that are full pro card members of CPRA/WPRA (pro ropers are eligible for open positions but not challenger positions). The producer sends total sidepot fees (# of entries x $150) and results to the CFB office. CFB will verify sidepot results and roper’s pro status before results are official.

snip of spots copy.PNG
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