2021 Finals Payout

Total Payout over 3 years $119,000.

Bailey Hines Winners Circle Group.jpg

While the 2021 season got off to a later start due to covid restrictions across the provinces, we are happy to report we are now moving full steam ahead.  There is a great line up of qualifiers this year with most having added money.  The interest and support for our sport is growing and the recent exposure at the Calgary Stampede and the addition of breakaway at the CFR means we are hitting the big time.  Of course we've always known that here, and we still offer the biggest prize money in Canada. 


Check out the "Qualifier" Tab to see the line up of events, many of which have been with us since the beginning.  We are so grateful for the support we have received from the Producers across the prairie provinces and of course from the ropers themselves. 

2021 finals will be held in Claresholm, AB on Oct. 23 and 24th. 

Thank you to the ropers that go down the road and enter up.  Thank you to the producers who have the commitment to carry on during difficult times.  Thank you to the sponsors that stepped up and supported our event.  And thank you to the family members and volunteers that are behind all of it.


$43k Payout.jpg