The recent announcement by the CPRA and Westerner Park to cancel the 2020 CFR was heart breaking for all in the rodeo world.  After a few days of soul searching we believe the show must go on!  While the 2020 Canadian Finals Breakaway may look and feel a little different from 2019, we promise it will still feature the best ropers in Canada and the biggest payout.  So let's rope!

Top breakaway ropers from across Canada will compete in an exciting elimination style format to become the 2020 Canadian Breakaway Champion. The payout in 2019 was a whopping $37,400.  

Contestants will be eligible to compete at the CFB by qualifying through sanctioned open breakaway jackpots held across Canada.  These breakaway jackpots, hosted by independent producers, will offer a Canadian Finals Breakaway sidepot entry for $200.  The number of entries in the sidepot will determine the number of qualifying contestants that move forward to the CFB (see Qualifier Tab for more information).

2019 Total CFB Payout!

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