​1.    What will the payout be at the Finals?

  •  Our goal at the finals is two-fold.  First and foremost we like to spread the money around and give everyone an opportunity to win something.  Second we like to have the "Big Cheque" moment where we present the Champion with a significant one day payout that is the largest in Canada.

2.    Will there be any additional fees at the finals?

  •  For contestants qualifying through the CFB grass roots qualifying system, Finals Entry fees are paid.  

3.    What will the format be at the Finals?

  •  Two head semi-finals with Top 20 moving into elimination style finals.  As mentioned the goal is to have the "Big Cheque" moment for the winner, but to also spread the money around.  We paid deep in the first 2 go rounds (adding a 2D payout in 2022) and pay holes in  the Top 20, the Top 12 and the Top 8.  Top 4 take home the biggest payouts of the day.

4.    How many contestants will be competing at the Finals?

  •  We’d like to take as many as possible so everyone can enjoy the experience.  Typically there have been 45 - 65 contestants at the finals. 

5.    How are Qualifiers picked?

  •  Applications to host a qualifier are submitted to the office.  We believe for CFB to be successful qualifiers must be held across this great country.  There is a set of guidelines a Qualifier must adhere to insure quality and consistency.  If you have concerns about a qualifier and its format, call the producer and ask for details.