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OPEN - All entries in the CFB Sidepot are eligible to qualify for an Open spot to the finals.  Contestants with Open spots, advance directly to the Semi-Final Round at the Finals.

CHALLENGER INCENTIVE – The Challenger Incentive is are only available to non-pro ropers.  No full card Pro Contestant Member of the CPRA/WPRA in Breakaway Roping may earn a Challenger position.  Permit Holders and Semi-Pro members may earn Challenger positions.  Must have a qualified time to earn a Challenger position.  If a contestant holding a Challenger position obtains their Pro-Card mid-season, their Challenger position will roll up to the Open pool.  They do not lose their earned spot.  Contestants with Challenger spots will advance to the Preliminary Round at the Finals.  The Preliminary Round will pay go-round money as well as Average money.  Top 10 from the Preliminary Round will advance to the Semi-Finals.

HI-POINT - All sidepot contestants that did not earn an Open position or a Challenger position and had a qualified time, will earn points based on their placings and the number of entries in the sidepot.  Contestants may earn points at all sanctioned events.  The Top 10 in the Point Standings will earn a spot in the Preliminary Rounds at the Finals.  If there is a tie in point standings at the end of the season, it will be determined as follows:  1)  The contestant that entered the most sidepots will move on; and 2)  if still tied, take both contestants.    


Format:  The event Producer determines the format for the event and must declare prior to the start of the event the format for earning qualifying spots.  Ie.  CFB is determined on 2 head, or 2 head a short-go.  A minimum 2 head is required, unless prior approval is received by CFB. THERE MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 5 ENTRIES IN THE SIDEPOT FOR IT TO BE A GO.  In addition, the Producer should announce the following prior to start:  Payout, Timing (10th/100th), open/closed gate.

Ties:  In the event of a tie at a qualifying event, between 2 or more contestants, for an Open/Challenger spot both contestants will earn a spot. 

Max Finals Qualifications:  Any CFB Contestant (Open/Challenger/Points) may earn a max of 2 positions into the finals.  If a contestant has earned one Finals position, and earns another 2 spots at one single event, only one additional spot may be claimed.  If the contestant is a Non-Pro roper, and the earned spots are in separate categories (Open/Challenger) the contestant may decide which pool they chose for the finals.  Choice must be declared immediately.  The other available spot rolls down to the next in line at the event.

Turn-outs:  If a qualified contestant provides notice and turns out prior to the finals, the next contestant in line from the same qualifying jackpot event, will earn the spot if they have not filled their 2 spot max.  The position will continue to roll down until it is filled, so long as there are qualified times.

CFB To Review:  All sidepot results are unofficial until CFB has reviewed.  All Pro-Card Holders (or soon to be Pro Card Holders) are to declare themselves at sanctioned events.  Full Results clearly showing all sidepot contestants, pro card holders and  rounds and average results (if applicable)  must be sent to office.  CFB will determine points.  This is not a producers responsibility.

Fair Play - IF a situation occurs that is not covered by a written rule, CFB will review with 2 other unbiased individuals familiar with the industry/sport and make a determination.

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