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Bronzart Casting
Topline Treadz
Craig FitzPatrick
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​1.    What will the payout be at the Finals?

  •  We dream big and we think it will be historic for Canada.  Payout will be determined by entries at the qualifiers.  We promise we will limit the “production fee” to an industry standard fee between 20% - 30%, but no more.  We want to put the $$ in the ropers jeans.  We will announce the minimum payout at finals as the season progresses and update regularly.

2.    Will there be any additional fees at the finals?

  •  Entry fees are paid.  There will be additional costs for stalls.

3.    What will the format be at the Finals?

  •  We are projecting two head semi-finals on Day 1 and an elimination style short go on Day 2.  This is subject to change.

4.    How many contestants will be competing at the Finals?

  •  We’d like to take as many as possible so everyone can enjoy the experience, however we have strict time limits.  We are estimating 40 – 50 will be competing in the Centrium.

5.    How are Qualifiers picked?

  •  Applications to host a qualifier are submitted to the office.  We believe for CFB to be successful qualifiers must be held across this great country, and we are even going to invite one or two from our neighbors to the south.  There is a set of guidelines a Qualifier must adhere to insure quality and consistency.  If you have concerns about a qualifier and its format, call the producer and ask for details.

  • NOTE:  A qualifier MUST have a minimum 5 entries in the sidepot for it to be eligible for the CFB.

6.    How many Qualifiers will there be?

  •  We are projecting 10 – 12, however this is dependent on entries.  Don’t wait to qualify, support the producers, get out and rope.  Together we will build this event and the opportunities within it.


Topline Treadz