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The Finals will consist of the Preliminary Round, the Semi-Finals, and the Elimination Rounds.  WE are able to offer a NO FEE Finals again for 2023.

PRELIMINARY ROUND – The Challengers and the Top 10 Hi-Point earners will compete in a 2 head average.  There will be a FAST TIMES PAID in each go-round and on the average.  Top 10 in the average will move on to the Semi-Finals. 

SEMI-FINALS – The Open qualifiers skip the preliminary rounds and advance straight to the Semi-Finals.  There they will rope with the Top 10 from the Preliminary Round in a 2 head average. We will pay go-round and average money in the Semi-Finals.  Top 12 in the average will move on to the Elimination Round.


ELIMINATION ROUNDS – Top 12 will compete in an elimination style roping.  Fast times move on.  Four Rounds will take place.  Top 12, Top 8, Top 4.  The fastest roper in the Top 4 will be crowned the Canadian Finals Breakaway Champion.

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FOR 2023 FINALS:  (click "View More")

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