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The Finals will consist of the Preliminary Round, the Semi-Finals, and the Elimination Rounds.  There will be a $200 finals fee for all qualified contestants regardless of their path into the finals.  For payout information, see sample payout schedule. (TBD)


PRELIMINARY ROUND – The Challengers and the Top 10 Hi-Point earners will compete in a 2 head average.  There will be a payout in each go-round and on the average.  Top 10 in the average will move on to the Semi-Finals. 

SEMI-FINALS – The Open qualifiers skip the preliminary rounds and advance straight to the Semi-Finals.  There they will rope with the Top 10 from the Preliminary Round in a 2 head average. We will pay go-round and average money in the Semi-Finals.  Top 20 in the average will move on to the Elimination Round.


ELIMINATION ROUNDS – Top 20 will compete in an elimination style roping.  Fast times move on.  Four Rounds will take place.  Top 20, Top 12, Top 8, Top 4.  The fastest roper in the Top 4 will be crowned the Canadian Finals Breakaway Champion.

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