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Qualification Allocation Update - Aug 23
* Min. 5 entries needed for a sidepot to run



Open Qualifier – Fast Time from CFB Sidepot at CFB Sanctioned Event will earn automatic entry to Semi-Finals and by-pass Preliminary Rounds at the Finals.  The number of entries in the sidepot determines the number of Open Qualifier positions to be awarded at the event.  (See Chart 1).  An Open Qualifier may earn up to 2 positions in the Semi-Finals.


Challenger – Challenger positions are awarded at CFB Sanctioned Events after all of the Open positions have been filled.  Challenger positions are for the non-pro roper, (no Pro Card Holders CPRA/WPRA in Breakaway).  Roughly speaking, for every two Open positions awarded, one Challenger position will be awarded.  (See Chart).  Contestant must have a qualified time to be awarded a Challenger position.    Challenger Qualifiers will advance to the Preliminary Round at the Finals.  A Challenger Qualifier may earn up to 2 positions in the Preliminary Round at the Finals. Top 10 from the Preliminary Round will advance to the Semi-Finals. 


Hi Point Standings – All sidepot contestants at CFB Sanctioned Events that did not earn an Open position or a Challenger position and had a qualified time, will earn points based on their placings and the number of entries.   If there is a tie in point standings it will be determined as follows:  1)  The contestant that entered the most sidepots will move on; and 2)  if still tied, take both contestants.    Top 10 Point Earners will qualify for the Preliminary Round at the Finals. 

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